Rainmakers (2024)

March 1, 2024 Renzo 0

“Rainmakers.” This documentary delves into the world of twenty rainmakers hailing from three Nigerian states, examining the mystical craft of rainmaking in contrast to modern […]

As We Speak (2024)

February 27, 2024 Renzo 0

Hip Hop takes the stand. Bronx rap artist Kemba explores the growing weaponization of rap lyrics in the United States criminal justice system and abroad […]

Freedom is Beautiful (2023)

February 26, 2024 Renzo 0

This is a deeply moving documentary about the lives of two asylum seekers who fled oppression in Kurdistan only to spend years incarcerated in brutal […]

Meet Me in Rome (2024)

February 9, 2024 Renzo 0

A Reality rom-com. Ready to risk it all for love, three women travel to Rome to become leading ladies in their very own reality rom-com. […]

After Death (2023)

February 7, 2024 Renzo 0

Some saw light. Others saw darkness. All of them returned. Based on real near-death experiences, the afterlife is explored with the guidance of New York […]